"You're as sick as your secrets. The more open you're able to be, the more you're able to share even the most uncomfortable aspects of yourself, the healthier you'll be." - Mireille Enos

Before, people like doctors and lawyers were paid for essentially being human encyclopedias. They're valued so highly for their memory, their vast store of knowledge.

Now it's more like we build minds to understand frameworks, structures... with details only really ever as needed.

Internet means that we no longer have to know everything at once - just where to find it all.

One thing I've noticed almost universally is that people who were adamantly apolitical are now coming out of the woodwork to express their opinions after this election season. It's starting real dialogues, and it's led to a lot of frustration, but it's also led to new game plans moving forward.

My greatest concern previously was that apathy would kill us, given the coming threats of climate change and artificial intelligence, war and other unknowable problems. Now, we have real immediate threats, but people seem to be genuinely interested in knowing more about what's going on in government and the public sphere.

And that, I can happily say, is a great thing.

Apparently, people figure out what social groups they identify with and belong to through a variety of different factors - but almost none more important than humor.

According to social psychologists, humor is a means of establishing your views as similar to those around you.

Just remember, next time someone says something is "just supposed to be funny" - it's a tool to make new friends, and almost by definition, jokes are for certain audiences and for the exclusion of others.

Of course some humor is more likely to do that. But when our society really just comes down to a matter of taste, it's important what we're laughing at.

Hello world!

Hi! This is the place where I'll just write a little more freely, along the lines of a personal blog/journal.

I've been writing a crazy amount this week -- there's almost been more material than I can even begin to process -- but hopefully I'll be able to get something relatively coherent up in the next few days or so. 

Looking forward to seeing how this talking-to-the-Internet-directly-the-way-I-would-a-close-friend thing goes.